In 2040, the Michiana Region will boast an interconnected, safe, and accessible active transportation network where all residents and visitors can travel from place to place without use of motorized vehicles. Through infrastructure, programs, and policies, walking and bicycling will become a common, enjoyable, and viable transportation and recreation choice that will lead to healthier lives, safer communities, and economically and socially vibrant region.


A regional, interconnected network that allows for efficient transportation to the places residents and visitors want to go through the use of active transportation.



Active transportation options will be equitably available for all people of all abilities and backgrounds and integrate with all forms of transportation.



Residents, business owners, and community leaders will foster a change from an automobile-centric culture to an active-living culture.



Active transportation will be integrated into daily routines in order to support healthy lifestyles for residents and the community-wide environmental benefits.



The transportation network will be safe and comfortable for all users, especially for the most vulnerable.


»Quality of Place

Our region will have sustainable, economically, and socially vibrant communities, that attract and retain people to live, work, and play, through the use of active transportation.



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