Elkhart, Kosciusko, Marshall, St. Joseph Counties


The Michiana Area Council of Governments contributes to the advancement of the Region’s economic vitality, enhanced quality of life, strong sense of place, and expanded opportunities that attract and retain talented individuals and organizations to the Michiana Region.


The Michiana Area Council of Governments is a voluntary organization of local governments that studies and attempts to resolve, for the benefit of each member and the region, areas of interlocal issues, which includes but is not limited to transportation, transit, economic development, environment, and other issues that impact the region.


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Steering the activities of the Michiana Area Council of Governments is its Policy Board. The Policy Board is comprised of the highest elected officials, representing the communities in Elkhart, Kosciusko, Marshall, and St. Joseph Counties, and two Deputy District Commissioners from the Indiana Department of Transportation. Each month, the Policy Board meetings provides a forum for local elected officials the opportunity discuss regional issues.

Policy Board meetings are held at 10:00 am the second Wednesday of each month at the MACOG office. All meetings are open to the public.

Kevin Overmyer
David Wood
Phil Jenkins
Ernest Wiggins
Mark Root

Commissioner, Marshall County - Chair
Mayor, City of Mishawaka - 1st Vice-Chair
Mayor, City of Nappanee - 2nd Vice-Chair
Council Person, Kosciusko County - Secretary
Council Person, St. Joseph County - Treasurer

Jo M. Broden
Pete Buttigieg
Joe Canarecci
Dwight Fish
Deborah Fleming
Todd Johnson
John Letherman
Tim Neese
Rick Powers
Mark Senter
Judy Stone
Jeremy Stutsman
Joseph Thallemer
Ron Truex
Suzanne Weirick

Council Person, City of South Bend
Mayor, City of South Bend
Council Person, City of Mishawaka
Council Person, City of Elkhart
Commissioner, St. Joseph County
Deputy District Commissioner, INDOT Ft. Wayne
Council Person, Elkhart County
Mayor, City of Elkhart
Deputy District Commissioner, INDOT LaPorte
Mayor, City of Plymouth
Council Person, Marshall County
Mayor, City of Goshen
Mayor, City of Warsaw
Commissioner, Kosciusko County
Commissioner, Elkhart County

Transportation Technical
Advisory Committee

Regional Economic
Development District

Michiana Active
Transportation Committee

The Transportation Technical Advisory Committee (TTAC) includes the technical staff of the Policy Board members such as engineers, planners, airport directors, and transit operators. The basic responsibilities of the TTAC include collaborating with staff to provide recommendations to the Policy Board in the development of the Transportation Improvement Program and other transportation plans.

TTAC meetings are held at 9:00 am the first Wednesday of each month at the MACOG office. All meetings are open to the public.

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The MACOG Economic Development District (MREDD) Board is comprised of the MACOG Policy Board as well as four private sector representatives, four chamber of commerce representatives, and two representatives from post-secondary institutions. The MREDD Board is responsible for developing the Regional Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy. The MREDD Board also serves as a forum to facilitate discussion on economic development issues in the region.

MREDD meetings are held at least once a year and as needed. The meets are held throughout the region or at the MACOG office. All meetings are open to the public.

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As a recommendation from the Active Transportation Plan, adopted in 2016, MACOG will be establishing the Michiana Active Transportation Committee (MATC). This committee will be responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Active Transportation Plan. The meetings will allow members to provide implementation progress on bike and pedestrian infrastructure, discuss related issues, and share resources and best practice tools throughout the region.

More information will be available soon about MATC and how to participate.


Looking for
Job Openings
James Turnwald
Zach Dripps
Executive Director
Deputy Director

Carla Kiernan
Russ Ragimbekov
Katie Dominguez

Office Manager
Information Technology Manager
Graphic Design & Communication Manager


Debbie Gardner
Lori Ratliff

Fiscal Accounting Manager
Fiscal Accounting Coordinator


Caitlin Stevens
Ryan DeLine
John-Paul Hopman
Alaina Parrish

Principal Transportation Planner
Short-Range Planner
Transportation Analyst
Active Transportation Planner


Matt Meersman
Leah Thill

River Basin Program Director
Senior Environmental Planner


Donny Ritsema, AICP

Senior Community Development Planner


Greg Slater
Dave Burgoyne
Sam Trimboli

Senior Traffic Data Planner
Traffic Count Technician
Traffic Count Technician


Tierra Harris
Jeremiah Cox
Johnnie Woggon

Transit Planner
Transit Planner
Transit Administrative Specialist

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Each year, the Annual Review reflects on the activities that occurred throughout the preceding year and informs the Policy Board, community partners, and other stakeholders about our work and accomplishments.

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