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Freight Planning

TEA-21 Legislation (1998-2003) included planning for freight interests in the transportation planning process during the development of the Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) and the Transportation Plan (TP). 

Freight planning is important to understanding the challenges that come with increasing demand for freight transportation to improve mobility and productivity. Freight planning programs conduct research on commodity flows and related freight transportation activities, develop analytical tools, measure system performance, and examines the relationship between freight transportation improvements and the economy. These topics provide a more detailed and broader perspective on freight transportation’s contribution to the U.S. economy and promote a more efficient, safe, and secure intermodal system.
    –based on FHWA, Office of Freight Management and Operations Website

Freight planning in North Central Indiana uses the resources of local freight transportation providers to provide input into the transportation planning process.  Building relationships with the local freight transportation providers gives input from the people who use the transportation system everyday, and can be used to build a better system for all users.  The input received from the studies, listed below, will be used to provide input on projects affecting freight movement in future Long Range Transportation Plan updates.

Current Work: 

2004 MACOG Freight Transportation Study: 
An Analysis of Freight Capacity and Movement in North Central Indiana

The purpose of this study is to identify transportation network related problems in North Central Indiana as they relate to freight haulers.  This study analyzed the current transportation network, identified key freight stakeholders, conducted a survey of over 500 freight haulers, and identified growth areas in each of the communities in North Central Indiana. This study identified: key growth areas by businesses who utilize freight and perceive a need for better access to major transportation routes, the importance of freight movement to North Central Indiana as well as Indiana as a whole, transportation network issues, and transportation policy issues in our region and nationwide. 

Click Here for 2004 MACOG Freight Transportation Study

2007 Regional Truck Route Inventory

    Large Truck Route Maps:
    Elkhart County
        City of Elkhart
        City of Goshen
    Kosciusko County
        City of Warsaw
    Marshall County
    St. Joseph County
        South Bend/Mishawaka Area

Previous Work:

2000 Michiana Freight Transportation Study: 
Analysis of Freight Capacity and Movement in Northern Indiana

The purpose of this document was to explore growth and congestion affecting freight flows as they relate to the Michiana Region.  The study addresses truck, rail, and airfreight movement.  A variety of sources including a 1999 series of freight surveys conducted by the MACOG were considered during the development of the document.  The report also contains statistics from a survey of freight carriers in the region, identification of key economic development zones, recommendations, and implementation strategies.  The results of this study will be used as input for the 25-year Transportation Plan and for the Congestion Management System. 

1995 Intermodal Goods Movement Study for St. Joseph and Elkhart Counties

The focus of this document was on regulatory issues affecting the freight community, including truck, rail, and pipeline. 

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