Michiana Area Council of Governments Staff

James Turnwald, Executive Director
David Burgoyne, Traffic Count Technician
Jeremiah Cox, Transit Planner
Shirley Czerna, Assistant Office Manager
Ryan DeLine, Regional Planner
Zach Dripps, Principal Planner
Debbie Gardner, Fiscal Accounting Manager
Tierra Harris, Transit Planner
John-Paul Hopman, GIS/Network Modeling Manager
Carla Keirnan, Office Manager
Matt Meersman, River Basin Program Director
Russ Ragimbekov, Senior IT Manager
Lori Ratliff, Fiscal Accounting Coordinator
Donny Ritsema, Senior Planner
Greg Slater, Senior Planner/Traffic Counts Manager
Caitlin Stevens, Senior Planner
Sam Trimboli, Traffic Count Technician
Johnnie Woggon, Transit Administrative Program Specialist

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